The Launcher API is designed to be used to build widgets upon. This is the foundational API for all of our widgets.

πŸ”— Accessing the Launcher API

The base URL for the Launcher API is

πŸ”’ Customer Digest

For some endpoints, you will need to provide a digest generated with some customer details and your API key.

The digest is a SHA256 HMAC hash. Concatenate your shop key, customer email and customer external ID as a string and generate the HMAC hash using your API Key.

You can find your API Key from the dashboard.

Go to Settings >> __PLATFORM__ Settings >> Platform API Settings.

Where __PLATFORM__ Settings is API Settings or Shopify Settings

const shopKey = "example-com";
const apiKey = "EXAMPLE_API_KEY"
const customerEmail = "[email protected]";
const customerId = "external-123";

// Convert the email to lowercase
customerEmail = customerEmail.toLowerCase();

const hmac = createHmac("sha256", apiKey)
    .update(shopKey + customerEmail + customerId)
$shopKey = "example-com";
$customerEmail = "[email protected]";
$customerId = "external-123";

// Convert the email to lowercase
$customerEmail = strtolower($customerEmail);

$hmac = hash_hmac("sha256", shopKey . customerEmail . customerId, apiKey);
<div class="influenceio-widgets-init"
  data-shop="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"
  data-base-url="{{ shop.metafields['influenceio'].baseUrl }}"
  {% if customer %}
    data-customer-email="{{ | escape }}"
    data-customer-id="{{ | escape }}"
    data-customer-digest="{{ shop.permanent_domain | append: | append: | hmac_sha256: shop.metafields['influenceio'].secret }}"
  {% endif %}

If you are using the "Headless" widget, you can access the data-customer-digest property that is automatically generated when a customer logs into your Shopify store.